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Developer Meetup 2018

Developer Meetup 2018

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Uncover The Greatest
Version Of Yourself

Developer Meetup 2018

Developer Meetup 2018

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Embrace Your
Divine Consciousness

Developer Meetup 2018

Developer Meetup 2018

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Experience the Divine Design For Healing in Your Life

Join Us For An Experiential Visioning Retreat Focused on Healing

You did everything right.
You made the right moves.
You spoke the right words.
You worked, struggled and strived for everything society told you needed for “a happy life.” And on all accounts, you should be… happy.
Yet, you still feel it. That emptiness. That nagging void that has yet to filled.
A feeling that leaves you wondering…
“Is this all there is to my life?”
Is there more to life than being stuck in hours of morning traffic, monotonous 9 to 5 routines, and the seemingly endless need to strive for the “next big thing” that you were told would make you fulfilled?
And after all that, what are you really left with?
More stuff. More prestige. More novel experiences.
All of them offering you nothing more than fleeting moments of excitement disguised as fulfillment.
But there’s something else you feel behind that emptiness.
A calling within your soul that you were meant for so, so much more.
You already know this to be true.
If only you had a way to hear, with complete clarity, what your soul really wanted for you.
If only you could strip away all the societal pressures, our parental expectations, and our cultural norms, that is now clouding your judgement, you could finally uncover your true purpose in life.

There is a way.

It’s called Visioning.

"Allow Your Vision To Pull You Forth
Along Your Unique and Perfet Path"

SEP 21, 2019 (SATURDAY)

9:00 am to 4:00 pm


$80 per person


"Since I have been attending Visioning Retreat I have more Joy & Love in my life and less fear & stress. There are wonderful connections with kind and joyful people. The entire experience has enriched my life."
Dymond Yuhas
"My journey changed my life. I feel connected to a community that supports and encourages me, as I evolve. I am forever grateful.!
Yasir Ayman

Special Guest: Christopher Davis
Gong Immersion Artisan and Practitioner

Christopher Davis of Sacred Wave Gong Immersions is our special guest at the 2019 Visioning/Healing Retreat. Christopher will be conducting a Gong Immersion on Saturday morning, September 21, 2019. He has over 25 years of professional practice in the natural healing arts. Currently, his primary focus is using sound therapy with groups. 

We are delighted to have Christopher join us this year. We believe his unique spiritual presence expressed through the body-resonant frequencies emanating from his gongs will be an ideal complement to the heart and mind-opening Visioning sessions of the afternoon.

Join us at Royal Oak Unity, meet Christopher, and be prepared for a spiritually nourishing experience.

Join with us now. You have nothing to lose but a whole new world to gain.